Being able to have the time to perform quality work on your vehicle is highly important to us, therefore it is best for you to drop your car off in the morning and allow three to four hours from start to finish (1  hour for the tinting process and 1 for drying and final quality inspection). If you are unable to drop your car off, we can accommodate you with an appointment to wait the hour and a half to complete your vehicle (please call in advance to ensure availability that meets your schedule).

Late afternoon appointments require a $20 deposit that is applied to the total price of the job; you may leave the deposit over the phone with your VISA, Master, or Discover Card or bring cash/check by the shop during normal business hours (Mon.-Sat., 9am-6pm). Front doors can usually be completed in 30 to 45 minutes while you wait (please call in advance to check for availability).

When you come to Kendall Tinting Inc., you'll find a team of experienced auto glass experts ready to transform your vehicle.

-Auto Glass Tinting

-We use one piece of film for all rear windows

-We do a filed edge on frameless door glass in order to eliminate the gap between the edge of the window and the film

-We use black vinyl in order to eliminate the silvering around the dots on vehicles with a large dot-matrix-pattern on the rear window

-Certain vehicles are made without felt along the belt molding (rubber that is touching the glass); we must remove the door panel and install felt on the belt moldings in order to eliminate the possibility of the tint scratching or even tearing when rolling the windows up and down.

-Removal of existing window film


Corona Window Film™ is committed to providing the best quality Automotive Films at the best price. Cororna Automotive Films have the looks that sell themselves and outstanding performance features.

Up-to-date colors and shades that match the newest factory tints; Superior heat shrink-ability and adhesion to dot matrix
Superior optical clarity.


Midas offers five Automotive product lines.  We have three available:

High Performance Series (2 Ply)

Standard (11/2 Ply)
Economy (1 Ply)


High Performance Series (2 Ply)

Exclusive charcoal, blue, Black Eagle, bronze and silver dyed/metal construction

Great match for factory tints
Color and neutral reflective films
One of the best heat shrinking films on the market
Superior optical clarity
Lifetime warranty

Standard Series (1 & 1/2 Ply)

Exclusive charcoal-dyed construction
Excellent heat shrinkability
20%, 35%, 40% and 50% VLT
Superior optical clarity
Three-year warranty

Economy Series (1 ply)

First quality deep dyed polyester films
Charcoal, Black Panther Black Stone , Black Knight and other custom colors
5%, 20%, 35% and 50% VLT
Superior optical clarity
Three year warranty

Specification Table
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3M FX Premium Series

"FX Premium delivers outstanding performance at an affordable price. Non-metalized technology ensures no signal interference with wireless devices"

3M Color Stable Series

"Don't settle for anything less! 3M Color Stable's appearance rivals tinted factory glass, never turns purple, and provides high heat rejection with no signal interference."

"3M has developed a patented technology for producing window film that incorporates a unique process not found in conventional films. While most other window film companies buy their polyester from someone else, 3M makes its own polyester. During this process, 3M patented a technology for producing its own nano-carbon polyester."

"This revolutionary and unique process, allows for maximum heat rejections without a metal film layer, which can interfere with radio and/or satellite signals. It also gives our films a stylish look with outstanding color stability. In fact, it’s so advanced that in time-based tests, 3M Color-Stable Auto Film never turned purple while conventional dyed films rapidly change to a purple color."

3M Ceramic Series

"With the new 3M Ceramic Series films, we bring you the two virtues that are most important: outstanding clarity and superior heat reduction."

"Using nanotechnology we’ve created ceramics so fine they are not only invisible to the naked eye, they are imperceptible with an ordinary microscope. These ceramics allow us to create a film that is tough, won’t corrode and enhances your view with greater clarity."

"By using advanced ceramics, our film retains its color and appearance over time. Other high performance sputtered metal films can

corrode, often changing color on the edges while traditional window films that rely on dyes are prone to fading over time, changing to a purplish hue. The 3M Ceramic Series films will look good not just the first year, but for years to come."

3M Crystalline Series

"If you are looking for the ultimate in high technology, superior clarity and performance with a premium look – Then 3M Crystalline Automotive Window Film is for you."

"3M Crystalline Automotive Window Films feature a proprietary, multilayer optical film technology that combines over 200 layers in a film that is thinner than a Post-it Note. This unique technology is the reason a clear film can reject more heat than darker films. Thin film technology is a core competency at 3M, and the multilayer film technology we incorporate in our newest window film is similar to those 3M developed for use in a range of products found in your home or office."

*Visible Light Transmitted
The percentage of visible light that passes directly thought filmed glass; the higher the number, the lighter the film.

*Total Solar Energy Rejected
The percentage of total solar energy rejected by filmed glass; the higher the value, the less solar heat energy is transmitted by the glass.

*Infrared Rejection
The percent of infrared light rejected by the film on the glass. Infrared light is primarily responsible for the heat you feel when driving.

*UV Rejection
The percentage of ultraviolet light that is rejected by filmed glass. Ultraviolet light contributes to sunburn and other harmful skin conditions from the sun and to the fading and deterioration of fabrics and leather.

*Limited Lifetime Warranty
Selecting 3M Automotive Window Films gives you piece of mind. That’s because we have one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get. 3M Automotive Window Films are backed by a limited lifetime warranty should your window film need replacing from bubbling, peeling, blistering or purpling. 3M Automotive Window Films are durable, designed to last and virtually maintenance free. Our films are sold and installed exclusively by professional, Authorized 3M Dealers.

Ceramic Series Film

Viper Ceramic Film offers the ultimate in heat rejection, blocking more than 99% of the UV rays and over 80% of the infrared heat, protecting you, your passengers, and prolonging the life of the interior in your car.

Security Series Film

Have peace of mind while enhancing the look of your vehicle and keeping it cool. Viper Security Film helps deter would-be thieves from breaking your window and taking valuable personal contents such as a car stereo, wallet, portable navigation, or new rims. Get ultimate protection and increase the value of our standard Guaranteed Protection Plan by combining our security film with a Viper Vehicle Security System. 

Ultra Series Film

Ultra Series offers comfort and elegance in a variety of shades. Significantly reduces the temperatures in the vehicle by blocking over 66% of the sun’s heat. Viper Ultra Film offers the richest black and the truest grey to match the look of your vehicle. 

Shade Series Film

Improve the appearance of any vehicle with genuine Shade Film in a variety of shades. Provides value and performance while significantly reducing temperatures in the vehicle. Viper Shade Film is the richest charcoal color and is offered in a variety of shades to enhance the look of your vehicle.